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5 essential steps to determine sample size


For Researchers


  • Calculate Quick & Easy 
    No coding necessary, nQuery's intuitive easy to use interface allows you to calculate power and sample size quickly and accurately. Our sample size statement generator automatically writes up your sample size statement in the correct language & format for submission to regulatory agencies and peer-reviewed publications.
  • Complete Confidence
    Partnering with Big Pharma and Top 10 CRO's for 20 years, we know every trial design scenario so you can calculate sample size and power with complete confidence. With100’s of validated sample size procedures and 50,000 users worldwide, you can trust nQuery.

  • Industry Favorite for Regulatory Approval
    Sample size calculation is a small but vital part of the study design. You can rely on nQuery,  the most trusted sample size calcul
    ator, proven over 1000’s of successful clinical trials. Use the industry standard software for all studies including funding approval.

Use the software that Big Pharma relies on to calculate sample size

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My research work into a rare disease resulted in quite a small sample size. I needed to ensure that despite this small sample size, my study was adequately powered. I knew that nQuery would provide me with the assurance I needed to be sufficiently confident to submit my results to a quality peer-reviewed journal.  

Clinical Researcher
Sarah M., Clinical Researcher

For Educators & Students


  • Enable the next generation of researchers
  • Boost your students employability
  • Launch your students' careers by offering real skills for the real world
  • 50,000 users worldwide
  • 45 of the Top 50 Pharma companies use nQuery
  • 3,000 users at the top 10 pharma alone

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Following demand from a number of different departments, we decided that a campus-wide license for nQuery would best suit our requirements. Now all faculty, staff & students can access the software without the need to count licenses or any other administrative headaches. It's a really good solution for us and we appreciate the help in setting it up. 

John D., Campus Administrator

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