Predictive Analytics
made easy for business users

Gain key insights and confidently predict future behaviour to help you grow.





PX Analytics is a clever but easy to use predictive analytics cloud platform. What does that mean?

It means users from any size business or department can make confident decisions on a range of scenarios.

The power of big data is not just for big companies.

PX Analytics analyses your data, picks out your KPI’s, then gives you insights allowing you to take action.

The result is to allow you to make informed decision and grow revenue for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise solutions.


Why do I need PX Analytics?


Drowning in data but lacking information

Are you recording everything but achieving nothing? PX Analytics identifies the right data and monitors the KPI's that matter to your business today. 


Need to start acting on your data

Small and Midsize businesses with no data strategy are missing real opportunities to grow. PX Analytics provides you with the customer insights to fuel your organization's growth. 


Predictive analytics in business users hands

Modern Sales and Marketing professionals need the benefits of predictive analytics, without the complexity. Our predictive scoring system determines the next best action to achieve your goal.



Are your decisions based on gut instinct or scientific data? Using PX Analytics you can remove guesswork and start making better decisions immediately to impact your bottom line.



PX Analytics is a cloud based platform that adapts to suit your industry, business and role.

It's designed to be accessible for people who are not data scientists, but need to unlock their silos of data to continuously predict the actions of their customers.




You know the competitive advantage predictive analytics will give you. However, you are unsure where to get started. Enter PX Analytics Kickstart.

Kickstart is designed to give you an immediate ROI from your current data. It involves a comprehensive data audit and investigation into your requirements.

We then create a report including key insights and a roadmap to self service analytics.

PX Scoring

You have an analytics roadmap and have your data ready. Now you need PX Scores.

A PX score is an accurate ranking of how likely an individual is to complete your goal. To achieve this we thoroughly clean and validate your data then run the powerful PX Analytics algorithms. 

Congratulations, your data has been unlocked and you now have the power of predictive analytics.

Self Service Analytics

You've experienced the power of PX Scoring and have been able to make decisions not possible before.

Now you want all level of users at your
organisation to use the power of PX Analytics every day, week or month.

Our self service platform means you can upload new data and your custom cloud app will answer your questions. Continuously increasing your ROI.


For more details on each stage visit our How PX Analytics works page

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