Bayesian Solutions
To Help Reduce Risk & Cost in Clinical Trials 

White Paper Details

Industry challenge
The cost of failed clinical trials is high and the industry needs to focus on ways to reduce the continuously high failure rate. Companies need to make better decisions - back the best trials and put resources in the right place.

nQuery Bayes (an nQuery add-on module) allows Bayesian calculations to address these issues. Currently in nQuery Bayes, the following methods are available to researchers:

  • Bayesian Posterior Credible Intervals
  • Mixed Bayesian Likelihood
  • Assurance 

What are the benefits to researchers?
Researchers are now able to:

  • Use prior information from pilot studies and other sources to make quicker and better decisions

  • Discover the likelihood of a “positive” trial outcome and then make better decisions on what trials to back

This brief white paper examines industry challenges and how Bayesian Posterior Credible Intervals, Mixed Bayesian Likelihood and Assurance can help solve them.

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