Adaptive Clinical Trial Design Software

nQuery helps researchers optimize trial designs, leading to reduce costs and risks associated with large studies


Clinical Trial Design Software

Design efficient, informative and ethical adaptive trials

The Complete Trial Design Platform 

Tackle increasing trial complexity, spiraling costs and changing regulations

Sample Size & Power Calculations

Calculate for a variety of frequentist and Bayesian Designs

Adaptive Design

Design and analyse a wide range of Adaptive Designs

Milestone Prediction

Predict interim analysis timing or study length

Randomization Lists

Generate and save lists for your trial design

nQuery helps make your clinical trials faster,
less costly & more successful

Use nQuery for sample size calculation and to refine frequentist, Bayesian, and adaptive designs. Use powerful modeling and simulation to discover and navigate roadblocks, ensuring your trial remains on track.

Customer Impact

How nQuery helps customers optimize their clinical trial designs

"I have been a user of nQuery software since the late 90's for sample size calculations in clinical trials.

For the last 14 years nQuery has been a standard product in our toolkit."

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Resources to help optimize your clinical trial design

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Expert Insights

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Trial Design Templates

Trial Design Templates

Trial Design Templates

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Free Training

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