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Determining sample size is a central part of the study planning process. Due to this, it is vitally important that you have the ability to communicate your sample size results with stakeholders across the study or with outside agencies.

With our sample size software, you will find it easy to determine the appropriate sample size for your study and then communicate your results quickly and easily with your colleagues, regardless of their expertise level.
Determining Sample Size Quickly & Easily
In nQuery the familiar spreadsheet format not only makes it easier to generate a sample size result but also makes it easier to share and communicate those results both in real time or at a future date. As opposed to more complex programming solutions where it may not be obvious what assumptions are being required for determining sample size or where it may not be possible to do a real time sample size calculation for a colleague, in nQuery the familiar spreadsheet format allows you to quickly and easily show both what is required in the calculation but also to show the result to someone who may be less familiar with determining sample size.
Communicating & Sharing Reports

nQuery also makes it easy for you to communicate and share your results at a future date. Whether providing an output statement which verbally summarizes your result, or being able to copy and paste your results from the main table into other spreadsheet software or generating a report which both numerically and verbally summarizes your results. nQuery is designed to ensure that when you need to show your sample size calculations it is easy and as clear as possible how you got them in nQuery.

If you wish to share your results with another nQuery user or to save your work for a future date you have the option to save an nQuery file which will contain all of the results included up to that point. This save file can then be shared with a colleague or can be saved for future use or verification.

These are just some of the reason nQuery is the sample size software of choice for biostatisticians and their teams worldwide.

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