Trial Design Templates

Improve your sample size calculations with nQuery clinical trial design templates and data.

Popular Models

Randomization in Clinical Trials

Adaptive Clinical Trial Design Training (pt 1-3)

Clinical Prediction Model

Regression Models

Linear regression

Logistic regression

Cox regression

2-level hierarchical design

Hybrid Bayesian/Frequentist

Bayesian assurance - Normal means

Bayesian assurance - Two proportions

Mixed bayesian likelihood interval

Consensus-based criteria

Sample size re-estimation

Group sequential design

Unblinded sample size re-estimation

Blinded sample size re-estimation - Two sample mean

Blinded sample size re-estimation - Two sample binomial

Categorical endpoints

Binary data endpoints

Ordinal data endpoints

Contingency table endpoints

Non-inferiority designs

Sample size for normal endpoint

Binomial proportion parallel

Survival parallel arm

Count parallel arm

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