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Solutions for Frequentist and Fixed-term trials
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Sample size using Bayesian analysis
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Sample size for sophisticated Adaptive clinical trials

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Every you need to know about optimizing modern clinical trials design


Extending a trial’s design
Case studies of dealing with study design issues


Adaptive designs
for phase II trials

Flexible clinical trial design Survival, Stepped-Wedge & MAMS Designs

Flexible clinical trial design
Survival, Stepped-Wedge & MAMS Designs


Designing MAMS trials
Advantages, issues and sample size


Optimizing oncology trial design


Optimizing Phase II Dose Selection for
Continuous and Non-Continuous Endpoints


Designing studies with
recurrent events

2020 Trends In Biostatistics-nQuery-Webinar-on-demand

2020 trends In biostatistics


5 Reasons to upgrade to
nQuery v8.5


Optimizing trial design:
From early phase to confirmatory trials


Sample size for phase II clinical trials
Simon's design and MCP-Mod case studies


Alternatives to the p-value & power:
The effect on sample size determination

why-to-include-bayesian-statistics-when-planning-your-frequentists-trial- Webinar On Demand-nQuery-sample size calculator

Why include Bayesian statistics
(when planning your frequentists trial)

How to reduce sample size - Webinar On Demand - nQuery - sample size calculator

How to reduce sample size
Ethically and responsibly

Sample Size for Survival Analysis - Webinar On Demand

Sample size for survival analysis
A guide to planning successful clinical trials


Innovative strategies for successful trial design


2019 trends in biostatistics What you should know about study design

Adaptive clinical trials
Why & how to use nQuery for your sample size calculations

Innovative sample size methods for adaptive clinical trials

FDA Guidance on Adaptive Sample Size Re-estimation Watch On Demand

FDA guidance on adaptive sample size re-estimation

Innovative Sample Size Methods for Clinical Trials-on-demand-1920-1080

Innovative sample size methods for clinical trials


Bayesian assurance: Formalizing sensitivity analysis for sample size


Bayesian approaches to improve sample size

Practical Methods to Overcome Sample Size Challenges-on-demand-1920-1080

Practical methods to overcome sample size challenges

2 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination in Clinical Trials On Demand 1200px

The 5 essential steps for sample size determination


Power and sample size calculations for survival analysis

4 Response, Quality & Variation What drug development may be missing

Response, Quality & Variation.
What drug development may be missing

Sample Size Webinars & Video Tutorials

Here you will find recordings of our regular webinars which cover a vast range of topics. They include tips & demonstrations to help improve your sample size estimation and power analysis. These webinars are hosted by Statsols Head of Statistics, Ronan Fitzpatrick. Ronan has been the lead researcher on the last 4 nQuery releases and has been a guest lecturer at the FDA and many other sample size events.

These sample size webinars are usually hosted each month and you will have the opportunity to ask him questions regarding the webinar topic. nQuery is the leading sample size software and as such has thousands of users all over the world. As nQuery is synonymous with sample size, study design planning and power analysis, we usually have hundreds of researchers every month attend our webinars. Join our subscriber list (bottom of this page) to make sure you receive invites to our events.

You can sort these webinars by area of interest, Classical Clinical Trials, Bayesian Statistics Clinical Trials and Adaptive Design Clinical Trials. You will also have access to the slides correlating with each webinar. Just fill in the form on this page to get access.

If after viewing our webinars, try nQuery now with our free sample size calculator online trial. This includes all of the above modules. You can evaluate nQuery and see why it is used by 91% of organizations with clinical trials approved by the FDA. 

If you need some extra resources, feel free to check out the following: