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15 Ways To Reduce Sample Size In Clinical Trials

This paper examines methods and demonstrates 15 ways to reduce sample size in clinical trials.

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Sample Size Calculations for Survival Analysis

Investigate the different approaches and challenges with when calculating sample size for Survival Analysis.

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Bayesian Assurance:
Formalizing Sensitivity Analysis for Sample Size

A whitepaper which addresses the lack of a formalized method for conducting a sensitivity analysis for sample size determination.

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5 Essential Steps To Determine Sample Size Resource Header.png

5 Essential Steps to Determine Sample Size & Power

This paper outlines the 5 essential steps to calculate sample size and power.

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Why Frequentists are using Bayesian Stats header.png

Why Frequentists are using Bayesian Statistics in Clinical Trial Design

Read why Bayesian methods have become increasingly popular in statistical practice.

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N-of-1 Trials
Guest publication from
Prof Stephen Senn

We are delighted to have hosted Professor Stephen Senn of the Luxembourg Institute of Health.

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