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Solutions for Frequentist and Fixed-term trials
Sample size using Bayesian analysis
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nQuery - Powering Sample Size

In 2018, 91% of organizations with FDA approved clinical trials used nQuery for Sample Size calculation.

Reducing the risk & cost of clinical trials, for innovative organizations such as:
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Receive Regulatory Approval

Consistently calculate the correct sample size for FDA/EMA submission

  • Validated sample size tables & procedures
  • Sample size statement generator
  • Automated installation & operational qualification procedures (IQ/OQ) 
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Reduce The Risk & Cost of Trials

Bayesian & Adaptive techniques to optimize your trial design

  • See how likely it is to receive a 'positive' outcome from your trial through the Bayesian module in our sample size & power analysis calculator
  • Reduce sample size while still ensuring results are statistically significant
  • Non-standard test statistics for mid-trial Adaptive modifications
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Powerful Sample Size Options

Use our sample size calculator to rapidly calculate sample size for a multitude of scenarios

  • Sample size calculator with 100’s of sample size and power calculation procedures
  • With Plotting Features, easily conduct a variety of “What-If” scenarios to align your final sample size choice with your scientific and budgetary requirements
  • Fine tune calculations with the Specify Multiple Factors tool
More Sample Size Calculator Options
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Share & Empower

Easily communicate calculations to your team

  • Share your work quickly
  • Fast and useful reporting tools
  • A sample size calculator that empowers your team
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Easy & Intuitive To Use

Clean and fast spreadsheet style interface with no coding required

  • Zero manual coding
  • Statistical help cards
  • Customized tables
See How Easy nQuery Is To Use
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