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Receive Regulatory Approval

Powerful Sample Size options for FDA/EMA submission

  • Align your sample size with scientific & budgetary requirements
  • 1000+ validated sample size and power calculation procedures
  • Sample size statement generator

Adaptive Trials

Adjust your clinical trial based on study data

  • Design efficient, informative and ethical adaptive clinical trials
  • Includes interim analyses, sample size re-estimation and MAMS
  • Optimize financial resources

Key Event Prediction

Accurately predict your key trial milestones

  • Identify roadblocks and take action to keep your trial on schedule
  • Use your trial data to project when key milestones will be reached
  • Projections for both blinded and unblinded survival data

Bayesian Statistics

Integrate prior information, real-world data & expert opinions

  • Bayesian assurance - the true probability of success
  • Justify complex Bayesian methods to non-statisticians
  • Identify study design threats & opportunities

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