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Sample Size & Power Calculations
Calculate for a Variety of frequentist and Bayesian Design

Adaptive Design
Design and Analyze a Wide Range of Adaptive Designs

Milestone Prediction
Predict Interim Analysis Timing or Study Length

Randomization Lists
Generate and Save Lists for your Trial Design


Group Sequential and Promising Zone Designs
Calculate Boundaries & Find Sample Size. Evaluate Interim Data & Re-estimate Sample Size

Sample Size for Bayesian Statistics
Probability of Success (Assurance), Credible Intervals, Bayes Factors and more

Early Stage and Complex Designs
Sample size & operating characteristics for Phase I, II & Seamless Designs (MAMS)

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The team behind nQuery

The complete trial design platform to make
clinical trials faster, less costly and more successful

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Statsols is the company behind nQuery. nQuery is the complete trial design platform to make clinical trials faster, less costly and more successful.

For over 20 years, we have worked with biostatisticians and researchers all over the world to ensure they meet their regulatory requirements and make clinical trials as efficient and ethical as possible.

nQuery covers all phases (I - IV) and all types of trial designs (classical to adaptive). In 2021, 88% of organizations with FDA approved clinical trials used nQuery for their study designs.

Founded in 1984, our business began as a subsidiary of Californian software company, BMDP Statistical Software Inc. As the BMDP subsidiary, we grew and developed overseas markets for BMDP and then later, through a management buy-out, formed Statsols.

In 2022, Statsols became part of Dotmatics, the world’s largest and most powerful scientific R&D software platform. Combining an open data informatics framework with best in breed applications like Statsols, we offer the first true end-to-end solutions for biology, chemistry, formulations, data management, flow cytometry, and more. Together, our company can better: connect science, data, and decision-making and ultimately drive meaningful transformation for our customers.

Our Mission
Together we can accelerate scientific innovation to make the world a healthier, cleaner, safer place to live

Our Values

  • Science Driven: We strive to help our clients serve patients by making clinical research as efficient and ethical as possible.
  • Customer Centric: We act with curiosity to solve for the customer
  • Better Together: Our employees and solutions, together will achieve more for science

nQuery in Numbers

nQuery has been enabling researchers make clinical trials as efficient and ethical as possible for over 20 years

nQuery in over 100 Countries


nQuery is used by customers in over 100 countries worldwide

Over 50,000 Registered Users


Over 50,000 registered software users in over 100 countries

45/50 Top Companies

45 of top 50 Pharma companies are Statsols customers

88% of FDA Trials Approved

88% of organizations with clinical trials approved by FDA in 2021 used nQuery

History of Statsols & nQuery


In the beginning...

BMDP Statistical Software established its European Subsidiary.



Subsidiary becomes the independent company Statsols. nQuery Version 1.0 Developed by Janet Elashoff and Distributed by Statsols.


Expanded Functionality

nQuery 2.0 - Doubled the number of tables and introduced functionality for confidence intervals, equivalence, repeated measures, crossover designs and nonparametric tests.


Further Iterations

nQuery 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0 - greatly expanded the plotting functionality and added tables for exact test for proportions, one-sided and TOST Equivalence tests.


Enter nTerim!

nTerim 1.0 developed and released by Statsols as a companion product to nQuery to calculate sample size for group sequential designs.


nQuery & nTerim Combine

nQuery and nTerim combined into one product under the direction of Statsols.


Statsols present to FDA

Statsols invited to FDA to present a seminar on sample size calculation to FDA statisticians and reviewers.


nQuery + Dotmatics

Further advancing the vision of making clinical trials faster, less costly and more successful through our trial design platform nQuery, by becoming part of Dotmatics.

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