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Adaptive Clinical Trial Design Software

Adaptive trials can reduce the length of your trial by up to 30%

Play Video - nQuery Predict | A New Tool for Clinical Trial Milestone Predictions

More efficient, informative & ethical trials

Reduce trial costs

Use adaptive designs like group sequential design to facilitate early interim decisions. Facilitate the most ethical & efficient conclusions to the trial.

Adapt 1 - GST

Get to market quicker

Avoid under or overpowered trials. Use sample size re-estimation to explore pre-trial assumptions and adjust the sample size based on your interim results.

Adapt 2 - GST Unblinded

Plot Power Vs Sample Size 

Use the graphing tools to explore and compare your adaptive trial design. Then easily share your conclusions with all trial stakeholders.

Adapt 3 - GST with Plot

Use nQuery Adapt to optimize your sample size
for sophisticated adaptive clinical trials

Group Sequential Trials

Incorporate interim analyses to mitigate trial uncertainty

Unblinded SSR

Improve a study to better reflect the newly available data

Conditional Power

The probability the study result will be statistically significant

Multi-Arm Multi-Stage

Asses treatments in less time VS a series of two-arm trials


Provide superior statistical evidence from Phase II trials

Visualize Success

Easy to use reporting for all trial stakeholders


Sample Size Platform for Adaptive Trials

From fixed to flexible designs, nQuery helps you confidently
reduce the risk and cost of clinical trials



More about the adaptive module in nQuery

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