Randomization Lists

Generate and save lists for your trial design

Valid & Reliable Randomization

Robust Randomization

Robust statistical procedures such as block randomization enhance  the reliability & validity of randomization


Account for Centers

Ensure that randomization assigns subjects appropriately across centers such as hospitals

Stratified Randomization

Create a randomization list that ensures balance in up to two additional factors such as age, sex or health status by stratifying your list


Use Randomization Lists for reliable treatment assignment across centers and other factors


Randomization Lists

Generate valid randomization lists for a variety of designs


Block Randomization

Block randomization with full control over block size and identifiers


Additional Algorithms

Compare complete randomization, biased coins, random sorting and more


Center Adjusted Randomization

Automatically generate adjusted randomization lists for each hospital 


Stratified Randomization

Adjust randomization scheme for covariates such as age and gender


Summary Report

Quickly evaluate and communicate randomization list characteristics

Randomization in Clinical Trials

Watch this webinar to learn about the benefits of randomization in clinical trials, different randomization list algorithms and how you can select the right one for your needs

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