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Sample size for
Bayesian trial design

Use Bayesian Assurance for better decisions
at key clinical trial milestones

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Tackle trial uncertainty

The True Probability of Success

Calculate Bayesian assurance with the Bayes Module in nQuery.
Gain a more complete understanding of your sample size estimate and trial design.

New Bayes 1 - Assurance -

Integrate prior data

Use existing data in your sample size methods for Bayesian analysis such as credible intervals. 

Bayes 2a - Credible Interval

Plot Bayesian models

Use the graphing tools to explore and compare your Bayesian analysis. Then easily share your conclusions to all trial stakeholders.

Bayes 3 - Assurance with Plot

Use nQuery Bayes to combine prior knowledge + real-world data to make informed decisions

Bayesian Assurance

A vital contextual tool for biostatisticians

Credible Intervals

Intuitive approach to interval construction

Bayes Factors

Quantify evidence for one hypothesis to another

Continual Reassessment

Discover the max tolerated dose of a new therapy

Posterior Error Rates

A practical decision-making process to deal with uncertainty

Visualize Success

Easy to use reporting for all trial stakeholders


Bayesian Sample Size Determination

Bayesian Analysis continues to grow in popularity due to the ability
to integrate prior knowledge and its intuitive interpretation



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