Sample Size for Bayesian

Use Assurance to understand uncertainty in your sample size & find sample size for Bayesian methods


Understand & Tackle Trial Uncertainty

Find the True Probability of Success

Calculate Bayesian assurance to better understand the true probability of success for your trial given parameter uncertainty.


Plot Bayesian Uncertainty

Use the graphing tools to explore the effect of prior uncertainty on the required sample size and easily share your conclusions with all trial stakeholders.

Integrate Prior Data

Use existing data in your sample size calculations for Bayesian methods such as credible intervals, posterior errors and Bayes Factors


Use nQuery Bayes to combine prior knowledge + real-world data to make informed decisions


Bayesian Assurance

Find the true probability of success for you clinical trial using assurance


Bayesian Intervals

Sample size for credible interval width for a variety of priors and endpoints


Bayes Factors

Compare the probability of statistical hypotheses directly


Bayesian Testing

Test for treatment effect using Posterior Errors or Bayesian Average Effects


Predictive Power

Find the interim probability of success adjusted for parameter uncertainty


Phase I Designs

Sample size for methods such as the continual reassessment method (CRM)

Bayesian Sample Size Determination

Bayesian Analysis continues to grow in popularity due to the ability to integrate prior knowledge and its intuitive interpretation

Completing a Bayesian assurance calculation in nQuery

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