Accurately predict your key trial milestones

Identify roadblocks and take action to keep your trial on schedule

Answer important practical trial questions

When will my trial finish?

nQuery Predict uses powerful modeling and simulation to accurately forecast your expected study duration for trial milestones such as enrollment targets


Project Survival Trends

Milestone event targets are key to predicting the length a survival analysis study. nQuery Predict provides tools to project future events trends based on both blinded and unblinded estimates

Am I enrolling enough patients?

Enrollment delays, slow event rates and high dropout can create additional costs and uncertainty. Use nQuery Predict to model these factors at either a subject or site level using projections based on pre-trial assumptions or interim data


Use nQuery Predict to reduce your risk by accurately forecasting key trial milestones


Enrollment Prediction

Simulate how long it will take to recruit patients


Events Prediction

Provide realistic estimates of expected timings and costs


Global & Site Level

Model on a global basis, or individual sites such as hospitals


Powerful Simulation

Generate accurate trial projections from your data


Multiple Event Models

Projections for both blinded and unblinded data


Visualize Success

Easy to use reporting for all trial stakeholders

5 easy steps for better clinical trials

nQuery Predict uses simulation to help you make better predictions about when key trial milestones will occur. Identify roadblocks and take action to keep your trial on schedule.


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Your Data

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Accrual Options

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Event & Dropout

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Simulation Controls

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Your Results

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Predict events using blinded & unblinded data

Predict key events for survival analysis

Pre-trial and interim trial predictions

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