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Getting Started with nQuery

How to improve your research with the leading trial design platform


Explore the Adaptive, Bayesian and Base modules in nQuery

1. How to do a sample size calculation in nQuery (Two sample t-test) 


2. Sample size calculation for Survival analysis in nQuery 


3. Unblinded Sample Size Re-estimation in nQuery 


4. Blinded Sample Size Re-estimation in nQuery 


5. Sample size calculation for a Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Design (MAMS) in nQuery 


6. Simon’s Two Stage Design in nQuery 


7. MCP-Mod in nQuery 


8. Completing a Bayesian assurance calculation in nQuery 


9. Additional Worked Examples

How to use nQuery Predict

Explore the latest nQuery Prediction module 

Import your CSV file

To start using the latest prediction module, you must first import a dataset.

If using the free online trial:
Click the Prediction icon > Browse > Local Disk (C:) > CSVs.
Then, depending on your goal choose SiteData.csv or SubjectData.csv.

If using the desktop trial:
Download both sets of example data below, to use with your desktop trial.

Download Site Data    Download Subject Data

Explore the prediction module in nQuery

Play the videos below to learn how to use the latest prediction module

Step 1
Type of prediction



Step 2
Your Data



Step 3
Accrual Options



Step 4
Event & Dropout



Step 5
Simulation Controls







More about nQuery Predict

Use nQuery Predict to reduce your risk by
accurately forecasting key trial milestones

Enrollment Prediction

Simulate how long it will take to recruit patients

Events Prediction

Provide realistic estimates of expected timings and costs

Global & Site Level

Model on a global basis, or individual sites such as hospitals

Powerful Simulation

Generate accurate trial projections from your data

Multiple Event Models

Projections for both blinded and unblinded data

Visualize Success

Easy to use reporting for all trial stakeholders