Introducing nQuery Bayes

Optional add-on module for alternative sample size methods

What is nQuery Bayes?

nQuery Bayes is an optional add-on module that can be added to your nQuery Advanced subscription. This add-on module provides an introduction to the wide breadth of sample size methods which are informed by Bayesian methods and thinking. 

The Rise of Bayesian Analysis

Bayesian analysis methods continue to make a growing contribution both in academic research and clinical trials. This has helped transform our ideas about statistical inference and methodology in the process.

In nQuery Bayes, we look at two areas where Bayesian sample size determination has shown growing interest:

  • The Posterior Credible Interval Method
  • The Assurance Method
The Posterior Credible Interval Method

The Posterior Credible Interval approach is a series of tools which allow a researcher to select an appropriate sample size based on a desired length of posterior interval for a generic parameter using criteria such as the Average Coverage Criterion (ACC), Average Length Criterion (ALC) and Worst Outcome Criterion (WOC).

Assurance (Bayesian Power) Method

Assurance, also known as Bayesian Power, is an alternative approach to considering the uncertainty in planning parameters to traditional ad-hoc sensitivity analysis. This approach provides a useful complement to traditional power and is used to calculate the true "probability of success" of a trial.

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nQuery Bayes Highlights

  • One Sample Bayesian Credible Interval with Known Precision
  • One Sample Bayesian Credible Interval with Unknown Precision
  • One Sample Mixed Bayesian Likelihood Average Coverage Criterion with Unknown Precision
  • Two Sample Bayesian Credible Interval with Known Precision
  • Two Sample Bayesian Credible Interval with Unknown Precision
  • Assurance for Two Group Test of Normal Means
  • Assurance for Equivalence Test of Two Normal Means
  • Assurance for Non-inferiority Test of Two Normal Means

Bonus Tables
  • n-of-1 Trials
  • Gamma Regression

nQuery Bayes offers the ability to integrate domain knowledge and prior study data for more efficient and accurate testing
- Ronan Fitzpatrick, Head Of Statistics, Statsols


To view an example of nQuery Bayes, just play the video below.



Assurance for Two Group of Normal Means
(Available in nQuery Bayes)

  • Bayesian Analysis continues to grow in popularity in statistical analysis in clinical trials

  • This particular table in the nQuery Bayes Add-on Module offers the ability to integrate domain knowledge and prior study data for more efficient and accurate testing.

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