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 nQuery Bayes: Integrate Bayesian Analysis into your sample size calculations

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What is the true probability of success of my clinical trial?

Use Bayesian Assurance to find the 'True Probability of Success' of your trial

  • Using assurance also known as Bayesian Power, you can integrate prior uncertainty about the effect size or other parameters to gain a more complete understanding of your sample size estimate and trial design. 

  • These priors can be elicited and then integrated into frameworks such as the Sheffield Elicitation Framework (SHELF).

  • Through the elicitation process all relevant data is summarized, reviewed and implicitly weighted. This provides a greater understanding allowing steps to be taken to mitigate problems to reduce the risk and cost of clinical trials.

Integrate prior information, real world data and expert opinions

  • Bayesian statistics provides formal statistical methods for using prior information to study current information more efficiently when designing a trial, monitoring a trial or analysing a trial's results

  • nQuery Bayes provides researchers access to a suite of tools that allows them to formalize the use of Bayesian methodology into their clinical trial framework using:
     • Bayesian Assurance
     • Bayesian Posterior Credibility Intervals
     • Mixed Bayesian Likelihood

Bayesian Sample Size To Complement Frequentist Design

See exactly how our sample size and power analysis software can help you


What's Covered?

  • Hosted by Head of Statistics and nQuery Lead Researcher - Ronan Fitzpatrick

  • How nQuery enables biostatisticians to quickly and confidently overcome sample size determination challenges and reach the appropriate sample size

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