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Statsols works with the world's largest pharma companies, keeping an open dialogue to ensure we always meet their unique and specific requirements. One of our clients, a top 10 pharma company, who had already been using nQuery Sample Size Calculator for over 10 years with 100s of users worldwide, came to us with a specific problem.

They had a requirement to allow sample size calculation for (overdispersed) count data specifically Negative-Binomial. There are many important therapeutic areas where the primary endpoint or a key secondary endpoint is an (overdispersed) count variable: number of relapses (multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, gout,…), number of exacerbations (asthma, COPD,…), number of MRI lesions (multiple sclerosis), etc.



This company also use SAS for general analysis, but importantly, they use nQuery as their dedicated sample size calculation software. This negative-binomial technique was not available in SAS and so their statisticians specifically requested that this feature to be added to nQuery.  The reasons for their feature request included: 

  • It could be rolled out to all their users quickly
  • No need for inhouse development or SAS/R coding
  • Users could access a validated technique from a proven product
  • No training necessary as users already proficient with the software 

We worked closely with the Pharmaceutical Company to deliver this fully validated feature and we rolled it out to their user base within 2 months. This negative-binomial feature is now also being used by thousands of our other clients.

I have been a user of nQuery software since the late 90's for sample size calculations in clinical trials, and for the last 14 years nQuery has been a standard product in the Boehringer-Ingelheim toolkit.

Andy Lawton, Boehringer Ingelheim

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