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SOLAS Sensitivity Analysis Visualizes Different Imputation Methods to Help you Choose the most Appropriate Method


Robust sensitivity analysis of missing data methods is now an FDA requirement in clinical trials. SOLAS uses the latest Tipping Points functionality to clearly map various imputation methods to ensure your chosen method is valid and justifiable in a regulatory context. SOLAS Sensitivity Analysis is used at leading government institutions and global life science companies to improve the quality of data and subsequent statsitical analyses.

SOLAS Sensitivity Analysis allows you to:

  • Easily comply with FDA sensitivitity analysis requirements
  • Visualize the differences between different imputation methods
  • Use latest tipping points technology (Liublinska, V. and Rubin, D.B. (2014))
  • Choose the most appropriate imputation technique for your data
  • Achieve your statsitical analysis goals desipte the initial presence of missing data

"The new sensitivity analysis using tipping points really helps to clarify the effects that different imputation methods will have on your data. This tool has proven to be really useful in helping us explain our choices to regulatory agenciesMartha S.USA

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